Thursday, February 19, 2009

What Does Busy Look Like?

39.  Today is a busy day...I have a boat load of laundry, letters to write, the beds to change, dinner to cook.  So sitting and "blogging" is out of the question...or is it.  I decided today my post would be one, written an hour or so at a time.  You will have to keep checking back to see what busy really looks my life...

So this is my laundry pile...what!!!!!
You have got to be kidding me!  Where did all of this come from???  
I need my sister Esther to help me...she loves to do laundry. 
Esther, where are you when I need you?  And I thought I was on vacation
this week!
So... the sorting begins...and, done!

Now, I'm off to wash the dog!  and change the beds...wait, that
means more laundry.  I know, stop complaining and get to work!
Thank you Lord for my work and piles of laundry because you 
give strength to the weak. amen!

Well...the frig needed to be cleaned, so that's what I tackled next...

...and just when I started, my dear honey brought home groceries.

So...bags were everywhere...everything from the fridge was on the
counter, and my honey decided to start a pot of sauce all at the same
time...ok, we can do this!   
Finally, the fridge was done and everything clean and organized!

And here is the pot of smells so good.  I'll have to post my
honey's's a family recipe.  His mom was such a great cook!

While I was cleaning out the fridge, I found an eggplant stuffed in the, how about eggplant parmigiana with that wonderful sauce?
Sounds like a plan.  So I put the next load of wash in and started on 
the eggplant.  I'm popping it into the oven right now!  
So dinner was done and we sat down to a yummy meal...
Eggplant parm, pasta, sausage and yummy sauce.
And the always gets done...tommorrow.

"Housework is something you do
 that nobody notices 
until you don't do it.  ~ Author Unknown


Raggedy Girl said...

Why is there just not enough time in the day for all the have to's and the want to's. It makes me tearful.

Roberta Anne

Tami said...

I love egg plant and it looks so good! As far as the laundry goes it is not one of my favorite things to do either.


BECKY said...

I love this day in the life of Lilly!! Cute post!! Why can't the laundry just do itself??!!
Hope you have a great day tomorrow!!

Esther said...

If only I lived closer, I would have been there to do your laundry in a heartbeat cuz I would have received a delicious dinner in return - ooohhhhhh!


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