Thursday, February 19, 2009

We Did It...Bowling!

38.  Today, my husband, 10 year old daughter, Maggie, and myself went Bowling!!   We had so much fun.  

 The week of Presidents Day is considered the "Winter Break" here in Long Island New York.  Schools are closed the whole week and families go on vacation, or a cruise, skiing or just away for the week.  When we first moved to NY, we were confounded as to why, 7 weeks after Christmas, everyone needed another vacation...till we lived the NY pace for a year.  Between the traffic, constant running, people working 2 to 3 jobs just to keep up with really do need a break!  

Rather than go on a cruise, BOWLING was our entertainment of choice!  Who wants to go on a cruise if you can go bowling.  It's cheaper and you don't get seasick.

Fortunately, we arrived just as the noon crowd was leaving.  The bowling alley was filled with loud, Long Island mom's in velour jogging suits and Uggs with tons of kids and "Hannah Montana" singing loudly in the background of the pins falling and balls bouncing down the lanes.  One of the little girls threw her ball so far it jumped over two lanes and rolled down our lane!    Someone needed to shout "fore" or "take cover"!

Now, I haven't bowled in about...hmmmm, could I say, 10 years.  I've taken my girl's club every year but end up watching, more than bowling, so this was a treat.  My husband did strike or spare after another.  He definitely needs to be in a bowling league that wears matching shirts.

We bowled two games, ate junk food that is terrible for you and made some great memories!  Especially in the ladies restroom...Maggie and I were washing our hands and looked around for a towel dispenser...there were none...but there was "THE EXTERMINATOR" on the wall.  An electric hand dryer.  Seemed harmless till you pushed the button and it blew air so fast, it made the skin on your hands move in a wave...and the noise!!!!!    WOW!!!   First, we both jumped and then we cracked up laughing so hard.  I'm glad no one else was in the bathroom with us...they might have gotten blown to the other side of the room.  What a scene we made!  

I forgot to take my camera and was so sad but my husband has pictures on his cell phone...that is why they are so small.

Thanks Becky for the "We Did It Wednesday" suggestion to go out and do something fun with your daughter.  It was great fun!  Then we came home had sloppy joes and watched American Idol together.

"You can't wrap love
in a box,
but you can wrap a person
in a hug."
~ Author Unknown


BECKY said...

Oh Lilly! Sound like you had a great time!! Thanks so much for participating. Can't wait to see how this thing grows!!

You know you can use pictures of things you have done together in the past, too!

Shamrocks??!! You're killing me here!! My 22 yo daughter turns 23 on St. Patties day!!

Hope your day is a joyful one!!
Sweet blessings,

Raggedy Girl said...

What a fun kid thing to do. I bet you had a wonderful time and made wonderful memories.

Roberta Anne

Tami said...

Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog and for stopping by to visit. Do stop and visit again!

You have a great blog....saw those wonderful cupcakes! Oh, my the mac and cheese looks so yummy! The Shrimp Newburg, oh my goodness, I told my husband that we were having shrimp stir fry tonight but I am thinking that the Newburg is sounding much better just might need to switch it up a bit!

Have a wonderful day!!


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