Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sofi's Crepes

303.  If you love crepes you must try a Sofi Crepe from Annapolis, MD.  Located on Craig Street by the United States Naval Academy, Sofi is a walk-up storefront selling made-to-order crepes both savory and sweet.  
You place your order then watch the crepe artist make your crepe right before your eyes.
The smell is intoxicating and you can't help but get excited.
The crepe comes wrapped in a foil wrapper and is hot and steamy.  
You can find the website here:  Sofi's Crepes
And the menu:  Sofi's Crepe Menu
Tables and chairs are located along the sidewalk just a stones throw away from the Naval Academy.
The town is a quaint nautical port with archaic buildings and history down every street.
We parked our car and walked around.
 It is a great day trip and there are delicious restaurants and great shopping down each street.
Sofi's actually has 6 locations around Maryland.  See the locations here:
"...sprinkled with sugar and eaten hot, they form an exquisite dish.  they have a golden hue and are tempting to eat.  Thin and transparent like muslin, their edges are trimmed to resemble fine lace.  They are so light that after a good dinner, a man from Agen is still willing to sample three to four dozen of them!  Crêpes form an integral part of every family celebrations."
~Anatole France

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sausage Gravy and Biscuits

302.  Hi Y'all!  While vacationing in the South, we enjoyed several Southern comfort foods. BBQ Ribs, Southern Fried Chicken and of course Biscuits.  I found a wonderful biscuit flour mix that we fell in love with.
You just add milk and work the dough as usual following the directions.  They were beautiful! And delicious!
Many years ago a dear sweet southern lady taught me the basics of a good sausage gravy.  I have not forgotten. So in Katie Rudisill's honor, Sausage Gravy was on our breakfast menu.

2 lbs original pork sausage, Jimmy Dean or Bob Evans (The better the brand the less fat content)
2 - 3 Tablespoons flour
Salt & Pepper to taste
2 - 3 cups whole milk, start with 2 and add more to stretch the recipe or make it thinner
Optional: Original Tabasco sauce couple splashes

Sauté the sausage in a large deep skillet till brown.  Drain the sausage and place in a bowl.  Set aside. In the frying pan of reserved fat drippings heat till sizzling.  Add the flour one tablespoon at a time and whisk the flour to avoid lumps forming.  Continue to simmer till flour begins to lightly brown and bits on the bottom of pan are loosened.  Slowly add the milk and continue to whisk.
Lower heat and whisk till a light boil and beginning to thicken. Then introduce the reserved cooked sausage back into the skillet.
Stir together.  Test for seasoning and continue to cook for 5 more minutes or till gravy has come to just about a boil.  Place in a serving bowl or tureen.
Serve with fresh hot biscuits. 
Break open a hot biscuit. Place open sides up on your plate and pour the sausage gravy over the biscuit.  Now that is good eatin'!

"I'm good at anything that's country - biscuits, gravy, chicken-fried steak. Look at me, for God's sake.  I cook what I like to eat."
~Blake Shelton

" There's nothin' worse than sausage gravy that is white as a sheet and you can barely find a trace of meat, or was that a lump o' flour?"
~Anonymous Southerner 


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