Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rachael Ray! I was on her show!!!

27. My daughter went on-line and reserved tickets for the Rachael Ray Show in NYC. So we invited a friend to come along and made our plans, where to eat, take a cab...don't take a cab.... We were very excited, when this past Friday my daughter received a phone call from the studio asking if she would like to help in a segment of the show. She turned it down, not feeling comfortable in front of people but suggested her mother!!! So, of course, they called me and it went something like this...
"Hello, is this Lilly?"
"Yes, who is this?"
"This is Carina from the Rachael Ray Show. We know you have tickets for the show this Tuesday and we would like for you to participate in a special segment, 'Gifts I Got For Christmas'. Would you be interested in helping us? We need someone who is comfortable talking in front of people and has a bubbly personality. "
"Why, yes, I would love to help you out! What do I need to do?"
"Well, we will provide you with a product and you will explain how it works to Rachael Ray!!!!!!! "
(At this point my heart began to leap) "Sounds great!"
"Ok, my producer will be calling you tomorrow to tell you more about the product." "Thank you so much...good bye."

So, today was the day... I was excited to go into NYC to a taping of the Rachael Ray Show.
I know opportunities like this do not come around that I jumped at it!!
When we arrived, they took me upstairs into hair and makeup, (that is so much fun to say) and then myself, with three other guests rehearsed our lines and were introduced to the products we would demonstrate. I did not want to be nervous, but take in the whole experience! We then went into a holding room and they fitted us with mics. Minutes before the taping started they brought us out and placed us in the audience. I was so glad I was able to sit next to my daughter, and her friend Caitlyn, in the second row. It was awesome to be so close to the front! It is not a live show, so in between segments it is very relaxed. The special guest was Diane Sawyer. What a lovely, interesting guest she was. Then Rachael cooked mini deep-dish Chicago Pizzas and then it was time to do our segment. How much fun this was!!! My product was called "Wallies", adhesive chalk boards. I had to walk up to the left of the set and stick a Wallie on the door next to the stove and explain to Rachael what they were and how to use them. It was surreal and of course seemed to happen lightening fast...but how exciting to talk to her and help out in the show!!! They taped several segments for two additional with exceptional children and a make-over show...a Benjamin Buttons theme of not looking your age. We were in the second row on the right! It was an awesome experience...but even more awesome than that, we all received the four gifts that were highlighted...and one of those gifts was an HP Vivianne Tam Digital Clutch Mini 1000. It is worth $ awesome is that!

So, the show will air this coming Monday, MLK Day. Tune in and see my television debut! Or watch it here: "Stuff I Got For Christmas"
And, Rachael signed my cookbook!

Oh...and...we went to Alice's Tea Cup on the upper East side after the show for wonderful scones, tea and sandwiches. My tea was Rooibos Wedding was terrific!
"God knows how to bless our lives in the most perfect ways!"


BECKY said...

What great FUN!!! Lilly you have to let us know when it will air!!! My 10 yo daughter and I were just talking yesterday about how much fun it would be to be at a taping. Of course we weren't even thinking about actually "being in" the show!! I'm so delighted this fun thing happened to such a nice person! And what awesome gifts!!

Have a wonderful and thanks for sharing all the fun details!!

Raggedy Girl said...

What a neat experience for you. I cannot wait to watch you. I know a TV star!!!
Roberta Anne

Suzanne said...

Very cool Lilly! I hope you have some pics to share of all that! I'll set the DVR for Monday!

BECKY said...

I'll definitely watch her show on Monday. I'll set it to record it so I don't miss it! Can't wait to see you on TV!!
Have a joyful weekend,

BECKY said...

LILLY!!! I can't believe I missed the show!! I was going to set my DVR last night and got distracted!! Do you know if there is a way to view it on the computer? Let me know!

Kathy said...

How exciting! Congratulations on your television debut!


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