Thursday, January 29, 2009

Painting On A Canvas

31. So today I was playing at painting...acrylics on canvas, that is. I've had an enormous canvas that was just sitting in the I got the itch and an idea. I love painting fruit and really enjoy looking at the master painters work in museums. How they make everything look so real like a photograph. One of my favorite painters of still life is William Hughes from the 1800's. His paintings are absolute masterpieces! The painting of "Bird's Nest and Fruit" is one of the most awesome paintings.

Each of us begins each day with a blank canvas...waiting for some type of medium to be applied. How do you start out your day...cup of coffee, a jog around the neighborhood, a prayer, being jumped on by your kids or licked in the face by your dog, or do you have to make your bed perfectly before doing anything else...everyone has their own routine. Life hands us a variety of options and tools to work with. Some of us have more priviledges than others but at the base level...we are all the same. We start out with life, breath and our will.

How we will respond to our family, people we rub shoulders with on the street or job and everyone we call friend. Do we look for opportunities to encourage or is our focus directed mostly to ourselves?
Every circumstance we experience is an opportunity to add color and shape. What do people see in us when they are around us?

Allow beauty to be seen in you everyday...on your canvas of life.

"Art is a collaboration between God and the artist,
and the less the artist does the better."
~André Gide


Vanessa said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. your painting is beautiful, and i love the hats in your etsy shop. the little flowers are adorable!

BECKY said...

Lilly!! You are so talented!! I have always wanted to be able to create something like this beautiful painting!! And I love what you have a way with words, too, and that's something I really appreciate!
Thank you for the lovelies!!
Would love to see and read more!!

Esther said...

To my simply marvelous, artistic sister,
Your painting is just so beautiful!


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