Monday, January 12, 2009

Shrimp Newburg

26.  Have you ever had the delicious opportunity to try Seafood Newburg?  I recall, the first time I enjoyed this rich, succulent dish was my first year in college.  My roommate invited me to her home in New England for Thanksgiving.  Her mother was a phenomenal cook and made Lobster Newburg...the memory has stayed with me to this day.  

So this new year, I am cooking through my favorite cookbook, The American Country Inn and Breakfast Cookbook.   The first recipe that I made was for Shrimp Newburg.  It was amazing!
My family raved during the entire meal.  What a gem of a recipe!!!  This would be a lovely meal to make for a special dinner.  

Shrimp Newburg
Oregon Caves Chateau, Cave Junction, Oregon

1 Tablsp minced shallots
1 Tablsp butter
❇     ❇     ❇
1/2 cup butter, melted
flour, approximately 1/4 cup
❇     ❇     ❇
1 quart whipping cream
1 quart milk  or half and half
❇     ❇     ❇
2 Tablsp butter
2 Tablsp minced celery
1 Tablsp minced shallots
if you so choose (2 oz Marsala wine)
salt to taste
1/8 tsp paprika (I added 1 Tablsp)
pinch cayenne pepper
pinch nutmeg
❇     ❇     ❇
2 to 3 pounds frozen large shrimp, thawed, shelled, and deveined
❇     ❇     ❇

In medium saucepan saute' 1 Tablespoon of shallots in 1 Tablespoon butter until soft.  Prepare a roux with 1/2 cup melted butter and flour in a small bowl smoothing all the flour lumps with a fork. Add the roux to the saute' shallots and cook.  Add the whipping cream and milk.  Bring to a boil, continually blending with a wire wisk.  Cook till the mixture thickens.  Pour through strainer (I did not do this...I like the little bits of shallots).
In a small saute' pan melt 2 tablespoons butter; saute' the celery and 1 tablespoon shallots until soft. Add wine and flambe', if you so choose.  (I did not use wine and it was just fine.) Add this mixture to the cream sauce, blending with a whisk.  Add the seasonings and blend.
Place the shrimp in a large casserole dish or heat proof serving casserole.  Pour the cream sauce over the shrimp.  Bake in a 350º oven until done, about 8 minutes.  Sprinkle parsley and garnish with croutons or place crouton toast on plate and pour Newburg Sauce over.
Serves 8   Serve over rice.
You have to try this will be very pleased with the results!  Just wait to hear the ooh's and aahh's.
I am on my way to the Rachel Ray Show in NYC  with my daughter Emily, tomorrow morning...I can't wait to see what Rachel cooks!



Raggedy Girl said...

The very next trip to the grocery store and I am going to try this. It looks so good. Do you think I could cut it in half?
Roberta Anne

BECKY said...

How fun to go to a taping!! And this dish sure looks amazing!! We're on a weight loss journey, so yummies like this will have to wait a little while!! Thanks for sharing your love for cooking!!
Have a great week!

Jessica said...

I watched your Rachel Ray segment. I thought you were great. I'm sure it wasn't as easy as you made it look.

Thanks for stopping by my place, I appreciated your comments.


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