Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bacon Wrapped Dates

289.  This is one of the most simplest and surprisingly delicious hors d'oeuvre you will serve at your next get together.  Bacon Wrapped Dates.
Now when I first heard of the idea I could not imagine the flavors all melding together.  Until I tasted them!
Unbelievable and surprising in flavor.  And, you can't stop eating them. 
Simply cut bacon into small 4" pieces.  Use a firm, flavorful cheese like soft parmesan or gouda cut into small rectangles. It is up to you how salty of a cheese you want to use.
Take dates and stuff the inside with the cheese.

Then wrap the date around with the bacon piece and place a tooth pick to hold together.
Place on a baking sheet

Bake in the oven till the bacon is crispy and cheese is oozing out.
Remove from oven, place on a serving platter and enjoy!
Bacon Wrapped Dates will be your new favorite!
"I unfortunately still crave (bacon), which is the meat candy of the world."
~Katy Perry


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