Friday, May 9, 2014

Power Cookies

298.  Have you heard about the 17 Day Diet?  Some call it a "fad", others," just another diet".  I saw it work for a coworker of mine.  She just seemed to melt away, right before my eyes!  The premiss is 4 cycles of 17 days.  In each cycle you add food items back to your diet.  In the first cycle carbs, fat  and sugar are virtually eliminated, which is hard for some people to commit to.  But once you set your mind, your body and thinking follows.  High protein low carbs and "oodles" of veggies.
    While researching testimonials and opinions on this diet, one person said that when they get hungry between meals they just eat chicken.  I tried that but it is egg whites that work for me.  And you can eat egg whites in abundance with no limit.
    In the third cycle the "Power Cookie" is introduced with the recipe.  The ingredients are all specific to help your thyroid and body engine do it's work.  And, they help to satisfy the sweet tooth for some of us.
Dr. Mike's Power Cookie Recipe  HERE   This is a cookie anyone can make and eat.  You don't have to be on a diet.  It is a great source of complex carbs, natural sugar and protein.  And it is better than a store bought energy bar.  And you know what ingredients are in it!  You could even press it into a baking dish and cut it into bars.
The Power Cookie is great as an afternoon snack or to grab in a hurry for breakfast.  I made a batch and placed them in an air tight container in the freezer.
They are basically an oatmeal cookie but they have no refined sugar and are more like a meal than a treat. Trader Joes or any healthy food store would carry the ingredients.
My first batch, I made the cookies standard and pressed down on the middles.  They baked fine but I found they were hard and dried out in the baking process.
My second batch I made larger and dolloped the batter in a heap, baked them less before they began to brown on top.  They were perfect.  They maintained softness inside and rather than two cookies, I could grab just one cookie and toss it in my purse for my snack.
I have seen a great difference in my body since starting this new way of thinking.  I'm eating less butter, sugar and carbs.  But the best result is the reality that fat is burning off my body and not returning.  No other diet ever did this.  I'm seeing results and feeling more energy, more mental clarity and yes, a lighter walk.  Not to mention my clothes are looser.
This is a diet for life. Once you adapt to the changes, it is easier to make better, healthier choices for yourself.
"If you haven’t eaten vegetables since you were 11, let’s spend a second on this 'I hate vegetables ' thing. You hate all vegetables? There isn’t one you like, no matter how it’s prepared?"
~Dr Mike Moreno


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