Friday, February 13, 2009

Lost and Found

36. Today my daughter Emily came home from school, (she commutes to college in Manhattan every day on the Long Island Railroad), and announced she wanted to make cupcakes to take into the city tomorrow for her friends. "Of course", was my response, "no problem"! So I went to look for my recipe...the best recipe ever for cake and cupcakes...and it wasn't there!!! Oh, well, I must have put it inside one of my recipe albums with the little sleeves...nope...not there. where could I have put that recipe? I remembered the last time I made it, I was going to put it in a place where I would be able to find it very easily and not loose it. But where was that? Obviously a very safe place because I could not find it at all! I originally found it in Martha Stewarts "Kid's" magazine back in early 2000. All I knew was that it was the "giraffe cake". So Emily went on line and began typing in what ever she could think of. Martha...giraffe...martha cake...giraffe cake...Kids cake...yellow giraffe cake...Martha's yellow giraffe cake...Martha Stewart yellow baby giraffe cake... and on it went while I am in the kitchen pawing through my plethora of recipes and Emily is on line for an hour, making loud sighing noises...obviously, so I could hear them. I even called my sister to see if I possibly gave her the recipe...nope! She said she would look through her pile of recipes...must be a family trait. I was befuddled! This was one of my most reliable recipes...could I have thrown it away?...ARGH!

Finally, after an hour of searching we were both about to give up...when it hit me...hahahahah! The recipe was in a safe place...TAPED ON MY CABINET DOOR!!!!! I walked over to the cabinet and opened the door. You see, I learned this little trick of taping your favorite recipes inside a cabinet door so they are there whenever you need them. I have several recipes there like my scones, pumpkin pie, brownies, bread, measurement cake/cupcake recipe! Oh yeah...that's where I put it!
How could I have been so dense! It's been there for months...I did this on purpose, because I would always have to search for it when I would bake cupcakes. My daughter Emily just about shot me...heeheheheh...she grabbed my shoulders and just shook me. Oh well...what do you expect from a 49 year old, with fading eye site, bum knees, and a brain that skips every once in a while? Anyhoo...we baked the cupcakes! And they turned out fantastic.

Here is the recipe on Queen Martha's site but I alter it a bit. Instead of 7 egg whites and no yolks, I separate 4 eggs, beat the 4 whites to peaks and add the 4 yolks with the liquids. I think it makes the cake/cupcakes richer and moist. So my recipe is really a yellow cake.

The frosting is pretty standard but also a creation of my own. It seems like a large batch but the cake/cupcake recipe makes about 40 standard cupcakes. This recipe is also great with lemon zest and lemon juice instead of the almond and vanilla extract.

Vanilla Frosting with Cream Cheese

1 lb confectionary sugar, sifted
1 stick butter, cold and cut in pieces
4 Tblsp cream cheese, cold and cut in pieces
2 tsp almond extract
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla extract
milk to desired consistency
food coloring optional

Mix everything together adding milk very slowly, checking the consistency. Whip till the sugar is smooth.
Emily wanted colored sugar sprinkles and I put Butterfinger chocolate hearts on the top of Maggie's mini cupcakes for her 4th grade class tomorrow.
And this little box of mini cupcakes are going to our secretary at the office tomorrow for all her hard work! Getting an Annual Report together is a nightmare! I think she deserves them!

So if you were here...I would make you a cup of coffee or yummy tea and serve one of our wonderful homemade cupcakes! Can't you just taste them in your mind...mmmmmmm.
Boy am I glad I found that recipe...don't think I'll loose it again. If I do...I can just come back to my blog...if I remember I put it here. :-D
Have a Happy Day Today!

"The existence of forgetting
has never been proved:
We only know that some things
don't come
to mind
when we want them."
~F. N.


BECKY said...

I can't believe this!! We must be sisters that were separated at just described me to a tee!!!! LOL!!!!!

I did something JUST like that yesterday!! We have a Keepers at Home girls club and had our Valentine's party yesterday here at my house. I had bought extra goody bags for them to put their envelopes in and had just had them when...I couldn't find them!! After scouring the house while one of the parents watched chuckling at me, I finally found them right where they were suppose to be...on the kitchen counter!!! Silly me...silly you!!

I'll be 51 soon and my hormonies have had me quite befuddled as of late!! :o)

I'm not a cake eater...but they look delish!! Glad it all worked out!!

Happy Friday blessings,

Esther said...

Oh, my dear sister, and you even posted a blog to tell of your cupcake dilemma at 1:02 am! I must say that your cupcakes are the best and are even better than Billy's Cupcakes. Sure would like to have one about right now with a cup of blackberry tea as the cupcakes look sooooo good and scrumptious.

Raggedy Girl said...

What a fun story and my daughter would have been having fits too!
Roberta Anne

Liz said...

Those do look like fantastic cupcakes! And so funny about it begin on the cabinet door. I do that too, except it's usually my glasses on my head while I run around the house looking for them and screaming, "I cant drive without them!" :)

Hootin' Anni said...

Oh my oh my....They look so good and the recipe?---thanks!!!

Hope you can find time to stop by my 2nd edition of three installments of my troll collection if you haven't yet.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

A Hint of Home said...

I've done the same thing and wasted so much time looking for something. They look so yummy!

The Other Side of Me said...

Hi Lilly,

I got my hearts in the mail today and they are so AWESOME!!!! Thank you so much. The girls are going to love them.



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