Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Macaroni and Cheese

37.  I have found the very best of the best in Macaroni and Cheese.  No... Kraft has not come out with a new and improved "blue box" of mac and cheese.

While surfing through the Epicurious recipe site, I came across 
this Macaroni and Cheese recipe...it is to die for! 
The recipe suggests the making of individual servings, 
with half of the recipe, in small ramekins. 
 I made the whole recipe in a 9"x13" baking pan.
 It turned out wonderful!  The edges were crispy and the macaroni so creamy!!!
The recipe calls for panko breadcrumbs but I save all my italian bread ends 
and make bread crumbs. 
 I love the flavor of the crunchy topping. 
You can adjust the butter, use 2% milk and even use
 whole grain pasta.  Whatever you choose to do...
you just have to try this recipe!!

"One of the very nicest things about life
 is the way we must regularly stop
 whatever it is we are doing
 and devote our attention to eating."
 ~ Luciano Pavarotti


BECKY said...

Oh My!! Does that ever look yummy!! I don't know if my daughters could handle not having golden cheese on the top, but I'm going to give it a go! I think my Grandmother used to make it like this!!

Did you get to see my other posts with the heart pins? I had so much fun with them! And my friends who got them loved them, too!

Have a lovely day Lilly! I think we have the same hairstyle!! That's a new pic isn't it?


erika said...

I've been looking for a keeper. This looks so good! Thanks for sharing.

Raggedy Girl said...

That look so good. I love good Mac and Cheese and I have been seeing a lot more complex recipes of late.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!
from Roberta Anne

The Other Side of Me said...


Thank you , thank you for this recipe. I LOVE mac and cheese and I am always looking for a better recipe. I will try this one soon.



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