Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Trees, Lights & Ornaments

11.  We have a family tradition maintained for 25 years.  The day after Thanksgiving, we bundle up, pull out the work gloves, pruners and old sheets to line the trunk of the car.  Then set out to the Christmas Tree Farm.  It was wonderful weather  this year with a bright blue sky and not much wind.  There is a great Christmas Tree Farm on the North Fork of Long Island that has thousands of trees to choose from!  
We hopped on the wagon and road out into the field of trees...all along feeling so excited to be with my family and make a new year of memories.  Maggie, my 10 year old, always searches for a sturdy walking stick while Emily, my 21 year old, hunts  for photo-worthy sites and items.  My husband is so patient with his three women in tow.  We set out for the furthest point in the farm where the frasier firs and white pine trees are located.  Our trees from the past three years were chosen from that very spot.  
After two hours of hiking through the trees, picking pine cones, laughing uncontrollably, and being hit and poked with a walking stick...we found our tree!
It is a douglas fir and it smells wonderful...a lemony-pine scent that has filled our home!
These are the unique pine cones from a douglas fir.
When we bring the tree home, we pull out the lights and ornaments, and I prepare yummy snacks to munch on.  Although, this year, we were all so exhausted, we filled our plates and sat down to watch the movie "Little Women"...one of our favorite Christmas movie traditions, and left the decorating till the following day.  

Here is our beautiful tree...May your days be Merry and Bright!

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Kathleen said...

So funny to read about places I have been!


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