Friday, December 5, 2008

Snowmen Make Me Smile

13.  Snowmen are enchanting characters at Christmas. 
Round face with black charcoal eyes and carrot nose...
Chubby belly sporting charcoal lumps for buttons...
Twigs extending from each side.
Snowmen are another item I enjoy collecting.  There is a special excitement when you find an unusual, unique and fascinating one. 

Several Christmas' ago, a precious friend surprised me with the Mitford Snowmen!  We are both huge fans of Jan Karon's books and we were both thrilled the author wrote a short Christmas story with all the adored characters from her "Mitford" books.  Where do the snowmen come in???  You will just have to read this darling book, The Mitford Snowmen.

My daughters have crafted dozens of snowmen over the years in school.  When my older daughter was in second grade, she made this cute little shadow box snowman...I smile every year I take it out of the packing box and place it on display...It is made from buttons, pompoms, a sprig of greens turned upside-down and glued in a tiny gift box.
This snowman makes me smile too.  It was made by my youngest daughter, also when she was in second grade from foam marshmallows.  I love these treasures!

The sweetest snowman in my collection is this tiny, tiny snowman on a sugar cube.  
Then there is this pencil Snowman.
Each of these Snowmen were  
gifts from my sister.  She has wonderful taste and surprises me with beautiful
They are adorable...and I enjoy adding to my collection.
Do you collect snowmen?  Share them with me!

"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"


your sis from PA said...

I love to read your blog. Ever think about publishing a book? I sure would buy it. You have some really great recipes, ideas, and have a flair for writing. Em could illustrate your book!

Debra said...

Hi Lilly! I collect snowmen also, but I don't put them out until January. They are my "winter" decorations!


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