Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Begonias and Beanie Hats

15. The other day my daughter Emily and I were talking about crocheting. She has been wanting to make a hat...so I said...go grab the yarn and an needle and let's see what we can come up with.
Now, if you crochet...you know it is just like driving a car or riding a bike...it comes back to you very quickly.

My paternal grandmother taught me how to crochet. Her name was Anna...and she would sit by her kitchen window, letting the sun warm her, crocheting for hours. Mostly doilies and trimming on towels, pillow cases and edges of handkerchiefs. I would see her doing this and always wanted to know everything, so I begged her till she finally agreed to teach me. I loved to sit by that kitchen window because she grew begonias in flower pots. In every color imaginable and they were beautiful! I remember hearing her talking and singing to the flowers.
As a child, my stitches were always so tight and my palms would sweat, nervous that I wouldn't be doing a good job. Grandma would always say, "Just relax and let the thread glide through your hand but don't let it take control over you." Sounds like a good life lesson as well! She wouldn't get frustrated with me...I was tough enough on myself!

After an hour or so of stitching, and fitting the "half-hat" to Emily's head, about 10 times, we developed a pattern. I think it turned out so nice.
She wore it today and said it was so warm.
And of course, my 10 year old just had to have one just like her sister, so I made her one as well. I made one for you, my dear friend...here, at my Etsy Shop.
I love to crochet...it relaxes me and I accomplish projects quickly. That's a good feeling!
"The intimate quality of things made entirely by hand!" -Willa Cather

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your sis from PA said...

Luv the pretty hats and your blog! You just have that creative flair.


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