Monday, December 8, 2008

Sweet Potato Crescent Rolls

14. Homemade crescent rolls are wonderful!!!
My daughter, Maggie, wanted crescent rolls to eat. I don't normally purchase the store bought ones...I'm always trying to save my pennys and they are considered a luxury.
But make my own!!!! I can do that!
I found a wonderful recipe on line, last year, and it has taken residence in my "most favorite" stash. This is a Land O Lakes yes, butter is an ingredient!

Sweet Potato Crescent Rolls
Preparation time : 45 min Rising: 50 min Baking: 10 min
Serve traditional sweet potatoes in a new way, in a tender, delicious crescent roll!
Find the recipe here!

I used my bread machine and I place all the liquid ingredients in the machine first with the salt. Then, flour and remaining dry ingredients. After the dough is ready, approximately 1hr and 30 min, and continue to follow directions.
Here is the beautiful dough...and it smells wonderful!

Serve them with butter, honey cinnamon butter or pumpkin butter :-)

Try this won't be disappointed!

"Many a one has been seeing a good dish come upon the table." -E.C. Gaskell

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