Thursday, December 4, 2008


12.  Are you a collector of anything?  Some people collect hats, some collect cards people send to them, other people collect antiques.  I love to look through magazines and come across someone who has a cherished collection of adored items.  They place them on display and speak of them as if they were old friends.  Museums have rooms filled with cherished collected items that we all go to view with awe and amazement.

I am a collector...and I have to admit, I collect several different types of things.  I would not characterize myself as a pack-rat, although my husband just smiles and shakes his head.  But, there are items that have won my heart and they bring me delight!

One of those items are Santa's!  I have always loved the stories of St. Nicholas and my mother would speak of placing her shoes outside the door on Christmas Eve when she was a very small child in Poland.  Her sisters would find candy and fruit in their shoes the next morning from "Swiety Mikolaj", but she always seemed to receive lumps of coal to her dismay.  Hearing these stories created a fascination in my mind for the legend and legacy of "St. Nick", "Santa", "Pere Noel" "Father Christmas" or as some legends say, "The Saint Nicholas".  A kind-hearted man who had love in his heart for children and the down trodden.  

Here is part of my collection of Santa's, mostly my favorites.  Most of them have been gifts given by dear loving friends.

This Santa is most fascinating because it is carved out of a bar of Dove soap!  A co-worker of mine would speak to me of my love of Santa's and one day she came to work with this Santa wrapped up in tissue paper.  She told me her Grandfather had carved it and had given it to her Grandmother and now she wanted to give it to me.  She surprised me...and it has been a part of my favorite conversation pieces.

These are candy molds...which I just love.  I have made chocolate lollipops from the largest mold and also, bee's wax ornaments.   This year I plan to make hard-tack lollipops in them.  I'll let you know how they turn out.

I think December is a great time to share about your collections.  

  MaKe ThE SeAsOn BrIgHt!


fearlesschef said...

Snowmen. Every year I buy myself a new one and spend a great deal of time debating which one and where it will live from then on. They come out the day after Thanksgiving and go back into their wrappings last winter. You know... when the crocuses pop through the snow!

Kelli said...

You have some wonderful collections....beautiful treasures!


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