Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Matzo Ball Soup

330. The months of February and March call for hot, hardy soup.  This recipe for Matzo Ball Soup is a staple and has always delivered.
When I was young, in college and lived in New England, I would collect recipes and other household items for my future home.  One of my favorite past times would be to catch the local radio show "Gus Sanders Yankee Kitchen" out of Boston, MA.  Here is a video of the actual show.
This is a link to a blogger who devotes her entire blog to Yankee Kitchen recipes:  http://ykconnection.blogspot.com 
Also, an online cookbook from Gus Saunders, the tenth edition here:  https://www.scribd.com/document/19966643/The-Gus-Saunders-Boston-Kitchen-Cookbook-Vol-X

I would wait patiently by the radio and grab whatever paper was nearby to jot down recipes that women would call in and give over the radio. 
As years went by and I established my own home and family, I took time to type out the recipes and try them.  This is where I learned my Matzo Balls recipe from Mrs. Finkelstein...and if you can see the date on the recipe...1984. 
 I like to date my recipes and make notations of changes or if I liked the recipe or not.  It helps when you don't make a certain recipe often to remember your thoughts at the time of preparation.
In addition to the matzo balls, I make a chicken soup, sometimes with veggies sometimes as a consommé broth.
This recipe always turns out beautiful but you must make sure the transfer is quick.  My Matzo Balls fall sometimes in the transfer.

I loved that time of life...young, expectant and hopeful for a family I could cook for and spoil with homemade meals.

Mr. Saunders gave aspiring cooks advice that was practical and to the point, telling the Herald American in 1973, 
“I feel food shouldn’t be a big, complex mystery.”
- Gus Saunders

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