Thursday, February 16, 2017

Nosh Snack Bar

329.  Nosh - noun;  early 20th century Yiddish; denoting a snack bar.   This post is my celebration of the "Nosh" display that is to me the perfect meal in itself.  What more could you need than cheese, nuts, great bread, fruit and veg.   It could be in any form, any type of cheese (Although brie to me is always a must) any type or grain of bread, whole loaf torn or cut to smaller pieces.  

The mix of salty, sweet, cheesy, brine-y, crunchy, soft, smooth and flavorful.  It is a perfect combination.  Your imagination, personal choices and creativity are the tools needed.

Start with fruit: grapes, figs, blueberry, strawberry, apples or pears, a walk down the special cheese & meat aisle in a deli or your local grocer.  Then stop in your local bakery and pick up a crusty bread freshly baked.  Many grocers have beautiful bread that is rustic and varied as well as a variety of olives and marinated veggies.  I love shopping at Fairway  or Wegmans Markets.  They have a beautiful selection of all of the above.  Add mustards, nuts, honey, jam, raisins, dates, crackers, bread sticks, wafers,  peanut or almond butter, mushrooms, infused olive oils, salsas and tapenade...and the list trails on.  You are only limited by the items you are able to obtain or items you've never experienced before.  Take risks, experiment new cheeses, breads, olives and other delicacies.  Lucero Olive Co. is a must: link Here.    You could go for a theme or ethnic slant such as Italian or Greek with cheeses, breads and meats or a sweet nosh as a dessert with fruit, honey, whipped cream and a variety of cake slices and tarts, fruit sauces and chocolate fudge sauce or caramel.

Then lay everything out on a large tray, multiple wooden slices or directly in the center of your table. All you need are your guests to pick, dip, spread and sample in a variety of creations.  Now this is noshing to me.  Add whatever music, movie or beverage you prefer that tops off this culinary experience.  It transports you from just eating to a satisfying adventure.

Make tonight a "nosh" night and enjoy!

"My whole artistic life has always been about change,
change, change, move on, move on.
It's the only thing I find interesting."
-Paul Simon

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