Friday, September 9, 2011


231. Recently we had the wonderful experience of tasting freshly made, hot, New Orleans Beignets!
Puffy little fried dough with three sweet, luscious sauces to compliment these little babies.
When they arrived at our table, they were piled high in a wonderful napkin basket and dusted with powdered sugar.
When I broke open the first beignet, a puff of steam escaped and the smell was intoxicating! I just sat and smelled the beignet...I just couldn't get enough of the wonderful smell. And then the first bite. How can fried dough taste so good?
They arrived with three sauces, a chocolate sauce, raspberry sauce and a white cream whisky sauce. The raspberry sauce was my favorite!

If you have the opportunity to dine at a Grand Lux Cafe, make sure you order the New Orleans Beignets. The experience is unforgettable!!

1. (n.) beignet a square doughnut or fritter dusted with powdered sugar.
~Etymology: (1830-35, Amer.;

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Kathleen said...

Hi Lilly!
I just popped over to say hello.
Hope all is well there.
The beignets look amazing. I have never had one.
Are you going to try and make them?


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