Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Day in Brooklyn, NY

230. Our "Stay"cation was enjoyable this year. We have had a list of places to visit and things to do locally, but never seem to have time. The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens has been on this list for some time now.
So, we headed to Brooklyn, New York.
The day was bright and sunny and the perfectly manicured garden beds and lawns were so welcoming.
This 39 acre garden has many diverse pathways, varieties of trees, flowers, artistic statues and fountains. It is a mix of modern and vintage.
This plaza called the Magnolia Plaza was first constructed in 1933 and is an enormous sun dial.
The rose garden, constructed in 1927, was in full bloom and so beautiful.
Around every corner there were architectural pieces or whimsical paths that added to the adventure.

There were water lilies and other water flora as well as a Bonsai collection and an awesome arboretum and green house filled with a variety of plants from around the world.

After our lovely trip, we drove to Greenpoint, that is the "Polish Town" of New York and treated ourselves to a delicious Polish inspired dinner at Christina's Restaurant. It is located on Manhattan Avenue in Brooklyn
We started with cabbage salad,
beet salad,
and enjoyed periogi, keilbassa, stuffed cabbage,
and a delicious pork cutlet with mushrooms and roasted potatoes.
We also stopped into one of the Polish Deli's to pick up meat, cheese and other items we enjoy.

Brooklyn is a world to itself. With so much to do, and so many places to visit.

"Night was a wonderful time in Brooklyn in the 1930's. Air conditioning was unknown except in movie houses, and so was television. There was nothing to keep one in the house. Furthermore, few people owned automobiles, so there was nothing to carry (you) away. That left the streets and the stoops. The very fullness served as an inhibition to crime."
~Isaac Asimov

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