Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Treat

67. A trip to Panera is always a treat for me...especially the coffee!  
I like to order the "Pick Two" combination, sandwich with a salad or soup and a black coffee! 
This is the Chipotle Chicken Sandwich on Artisan French Bread and
the Low Fat Vegetarian Black Bean Soup.  
And a cup of joe to go...Hazelnut.  I usually don't like 
flavored coffee unless it is with a dessert, but there is
something so good about Panara's Hazelnut blend...I get
it every time!  I've even sampled a sip from each of the 
coffee choices...and always go back to Hazelnut. 
And, of course, before you leave the just have
 to go and LOOK at the pastries, bagels and breads.  
Just a look is enough for makes me want to go home a bake =-)
But if you are wondering...the cheese danish and Asiago Bagel are my favorites!

I love that you can go on-line to check out the menu items and their nutritional value and calorie count.  Take a look here at Panera Bread.

"Hunger:  One of the few cravings
that cannot be appeased with another solution." 
 ~Irwin Van Grove


Cindy Holman said...

I love Panera Bread!! They make the best bagels and Deep chocolate cookies - my favorite!!!

Esther said...

I love Panera Bread, too. K & I go there often and enjoy the sandwich/soup combo. Their asiago bagels and bread are the best as well as their cinnamon crunch bagels -Mmmmmmmm!


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