Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Thoughts

 9.  The holiday of Thanksgiving came and went by so fast this year.  It seemed surreal, part reality, part fantasy.  But with cleaning the house for 2 days, shopping and cooking, I am still recuperating three days later.  My achy ankles are reminder of that reality.

The fantasy aspect is the delight and enjoyment of cooking and loosing oneself in the preparations.  Showing my daughter little tips and hints in baking and cooking...the Food Network cameras should have been right here in our kitchen.  We would have made a fantastic show!

So the menu:  Turkey, of course, Stuffing from day old bread, Mashed Potatoes and pan dripping Gravy, homemade Cranberry Sauce, Sweet Potato Crescent Rolls, Onion Pudding, Pumpkin Puff Appetizer, Roast Vegetable Tsimmes with Apricots, Buttered Broccoli, Veggie tray, Fresh Fruit platter, Cranberry Streusel Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Cranberry Orange, tea and  hungry appetites.

I must show you the pictures:

Going through the recipes...and my lovely assistant, daughter Emily.  She made the cranberry sauce and the Cranberry Streusel Pie.
The pumpkin pie is always one of my favorites!

When we prepare a meal and welcome family and friends to dine with us, there is a special bond that happens.  We experience tastes, textures and delights of food, but more importantly, these moments can never be forgotten.  Similar to a quilt, each piece that is sewn together creates a comfortable, warm article to use for chilly nights, or to adorn your bed, but it takes the attaching of each piece to another.  One can not exist unless sewn to an adjoining piece of cloth.  Our memories and experiences are the same.  Each opportunity spent dining, sharing or laughing together is like the thread that holds us together.  

I am thankful for the wonderful moments my family and friends have shared with me!
What a beautiful life one has, if it is shared with others!

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your sis from PA said...

Sure wish I had been there to share some laughs and enjoy the scrumptious dinner and all the goodies!!


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