Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kitchen Gadgets

 8. I love to collect and use kitchen gadgets.  They are the tools used to make delightful and delicious treats!  

Last spring, I had the opportunity to attend "The Martha Show" in NYC with my sister.  During the show, Martha made great Turkey Sliders, which I have made, and they are delicious...and while she was showing the steps, she pulled out a yellow "gadget" to squeeze a lemon.  It was bright yellow and she put her seal of approval on this product.  When the show was over, one of my goals was to buy one of those bright yellow, lemon squeeze gadgets.  I found a green one for squeezing was great...if you were using limes.  I tried a few lemons but the lemon was a bit too big.  Last week I was in a discount store and low and behold, on the clearance shelf was a bright orange squeeze gadget!!!  Fantastic...I had to pick it up and I am so glad I did.  It really came in handy for making Thanksgiving dinner and desserts.  So now to get my hands on a bright yellow, lemon squeeze gadget.  My search continues.  Actually, I think I will add this bright yellow lemon, squeeze gadget to my Christmas List.  That way my family can go crazy trying to find it.  Speaking of Christmas Lists...I listed a new food processor...why, you say...what's wrong with the old faithful processor?  That is a story in itself.

I have had my food processor, a Cuisinart, for approximately 15 years.  It has been a great companion in the kitchen. Although the size of the bowl has never seemed to be quite big enough and the motor can't go for long.  But it has been faithful.  A while ago, part of the plastic locking lip chipped off, but the machine still worked, you just had to make sure it was in the locked position tightly.  The other day I had day-old dried bread and decided to make breadcrumbs.  So, out comes old "faithful".  I loaded the bowl of the processor with dried bread, placed the lid on and flipped the on switch...which daughter Maggie asked me a question about homework...and I turned my head to hear her...when behind me there was a loud bang!!!  When I quickly looked back, the locking lip, on the opposite side of the lid broke off, the lid flew off, the blade was still spinning madly, (which the motor is suppose to stop as soon as the lid is removed) and bread chunks and crumbs went flying everywhere!!!  On me, on the counter, all over the stove, floor and some bread even went rolling down the stairs!  My daughter came running and asked me, in a very parental way, "What are you doing?"  To that I answered, "Do you believe it?"  This is insane!"  As our dachshund came running to our aide and began eating the bread chunks as quickly as he could before he got caught.  There were breadcrumbs in my hair...down my shirt...between my toes...on each slat of the blinds, did I say everywhere?  Well, breadcrumbs where everywhere!  

After I vacuumed up each last crumb and wiped down the kitchen, for the third time that day, and shooed the dog away, I had to figure out a way to make bread crumbs...hmmmm...what if I take the broken piece of plastic and just set it where it broke off and push it into the locking position...IT WORKED!  I couldn't believe it, but it worked...all the bread was processed and put away in the freezer and "Old Faithful" completed it's last and final job...with a bit of drama!  It is in the trash now ready for pickup to it's new home.

My Christmas List...bright yellow, lemon squeeze gadget and a new! food processor.  That would make me happy! <3

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Kelly said...

Hey Lilly,

Last year during the the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday's I worked at williams-Sonoma. I am sure you have heard of it. Let me tell you how awesome it was. I would daily day dream of all of the beautiful, magnificant kitchen stuff there was. And they do have the yellow lemon sqeezer. It is beautiful isn't it!! I will keep my eyes out for you to see if there is anywhere else. Oh I have to tell yo I got a cast Iron/ceramic pot last week and have been in cooking heaven. I love it- and the color Red! Love you and your sight. I also liked the sight you sent to Emily the other day. The Baker's- two girls.
I love you and hope you had a grea Thanksgiving!!!!!!!


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