Monday, April 9, 2018


346.  My search continues for the absolutely perfect biscuit recipe.  I've tried quite a few and have taken every suggestion and method seriously, i.e. ice cold butter, ice cold milk, buttermilk, cold seltzer, no baking powder, vinegar, crisco, sifted flour, mixer, food processor or hand mixed, rolling pin, no rolling pin, and the list trails on .  
In my search there have been a few recipes that have been notable.  Here is a recipe that has come through every time and is 5 star in my book.
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“In the Virginia of the olden time no breakfast or tea-table was thought to be properly furnished without a plate of these indispensable biscuits.....Let one spend the night at some gentleman-farmer's home, and the first sound heard in the morning, after the crowing of the cock, was the heavy, regular fall of the cook's axe, as she beat and beat her biscuit dough.....Nowadays beaten biscuits are a rarity, found here and there, but soda and modern institutions have caused them to be sadly out of vogue.”
~ Virginia Cookery Book  (1885)

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