Monday, May 31, 2010

Miniature Cakes with Fondant

159. My most recent adventure was working with fondant. Now, I am no Duff Goldman or Buddy from "Cake Boss". Fondant is fantastic but tricky to work with.

For a recent event, a sweet friend, who works at Front Street Bakery agreed to help me with a cake decorating project. She came up with an idea to make individual cakes. Our event was to celebrate 8 special young ladies who would be graduating from a special program called Stars Club. They would be crowned as Honor Stars. So our theme was stars with the colors of blue and white!
Rachel ordered pre-baked cakes, which we measured out and cut to make the individual layered cakes. Our cakes were 4"x4".
We placed them on small 5inch round display boards.
We frosted each layer
Then placed a second layer on and covered everything with a thin layer of frosting.
Next we used fondant.
I have never worked with fondant but was so excited to learn.

Rachel had white and blue fondant, which she colored to match our theme.
The kneading process was fantastic. It felt similar to play dough and the texture changed as you worked with it. We kept our hands dusted with powdered sugar to keep the fondant from becoming sticky. When I tasted the fondant it was very similar to the taste of marshmallow.
After rolling out the fondant, we then took the chilled miniature cakes and placed the fondant over. The ability to take a round piece of fondant and form it to a square cake is an art. On our first cake we showed our lack of experience. But as we worked with each cake our skills improved.
In keeping with our theme, we cut out small stars and applied them to the cakes.
Rachel piped little star bursts to enhance each cake.
My daughter and I made little star bursts for the top of each cake from fiber optic strings bound together with little star stickers on each end. They helped to finish off each cake so perfectly. What a wonderful experience this was. And to work along with Rachel was wonderful! Thanks for all your help Rachel...You are the best!
The cakes were a lovely addition to our celebration.

"You have to remain open while creating a cake. You want it to look like your original concept, your drawing, but you can't get stuck in it.
Sometimes the cake is going to go a different way, and you just have to let it."
~ Duff Goldman the Ace of Cakes


Natasha said...

These look amazing! That show, Ace of cakes, has just started over here and I LOVE it! He is totally amazing isn't he? I would love to give it a try one day....hope it turns out as fabulous as yours!

Best wishes,

Carol at Serendipity said...

Those cakes are amazing! You did a wonderful job. I am sure the young ladies were suitably impressed.


Cass @ That Old House said...

The cakes turned out beautifully! Did you make the fondant? I have never attempted anything so advanced in baking or decorating -- wow, very impressive!

Love it!

Tami said...

These are so adorable!

ButterYum said...

I know what a pain in the patootie little cakes can be, but yours look perfect!

Bravo - love them.


gnee said...

Your cakes are fabulous! Aren't you so proud to have made them. I'm sure the recipients felt like stars for sure. I enjoyed your post very much. Thanks!

MySweetCreations said...

Looks awesome! Fondant is so much fun to work with, isn't it?


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