Sunday, July 26, 2009


91. Recently, my honey and I spent several days visiting with very dear friends. It was their 30th wedding anniversary and they invited us to share in the renewal of their wedding vows. They have always been fond of gardening, both vegetable and floral. When we lived close to them, we would visit their home and would always enjoy taking strolls through their perfect gardens with neatly layed rows of fruit trees, berry patches, and vegetables. They also were "bee-keepers" and had stacks of hives at the end of their property. I learned about a "bee-line", how every bee flies in a "bee-line" back to the hive. And how you don't want to stand or dawdle in a bee-line...or you will be in trouble.

At the end of our trip up north, while we were packing the car, making one last sweep through our rooms, we came outside to find a bottle of golden honey sitting on the roof of our car. It was from our friends. They have begun a business of selling honey and what delicious honey. It is "Bears and Bees Honey" of West Liberty, OH. They are not on the web, but only sell locally to maintain the freshest quality.

When I got back home, I made a batch of biscuits and we really enjoyed this great gift! I love just looking at the brings many fond memories to mind of our sweet friends. Congratulations on 30 years of marriage...may the next 30 be a sweet reward in many ways.

"Tart words make no friends; A spoonful of honey will attract more flies than a gallon of vinegar."

~ Benjamin Franklin

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