Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Grimaldi's Pizzeria, Part II

88.  We did it...we found Grimaldi's Pizzeria in Brooklyn!  The night was beautiful...we drove towards the setting sun...the line was long...but the pizza was fantastic!  It is almost directly under the Brooklyn Bridge.  And the pier overlooking Manhattan is just a couple feet away.
  Our 40 minute wait in line was adventurous with a guy who had "one" too many in front of us and a large group of women, visiting tourists, behind us.  The older Italian fellow, who was seating everyone, helped to make our visit very interesting and fun!  Not only did he seat us before the "tipsy guy" but "shushed" the ladies appropriately...hehehehe.  They were convinced they knew best how they should be seated.  

After we were seated, we looked around the very small restaurant and the walls were covered with memorabilia and photos of "Frank Sinatra".  
The kitchen was right there...you could watch the pizzas being made.  The older gentleman came and sat down at our table and asked where we were from...I think it was my honey's "Mets" t-shirt that got his attention!!! "Let's Go Mets"

Anyhoo...The pizza was delicious!  It tasted very different from the Grimaldi's in Garden City, NY.  So I mentioned that to him.  He said, "We hate their pizza!  That's the owner's son that makes that pizza and he doesn't know what he is doing!  We make the best pizza!!"

I like both...Grimaldi's in Garden City for their sauce and cheese and Grimaldi's in Brooklyn for their crust.  And our pizza came to the table 10 minutes after we ordered!  How's that for service?  

"Food for thought is no substitute for the real thing."
  ~Walt Kelly

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