Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentine Give Away

Congratulations Judy at The Fajdich Times!
You are the winner of the Homespun Heart Pin!

As I was enjoying reading all of your many blogs today,
and drooling over the wonderful recipes;
like this one from "Kellishouse" of
Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting!!!!
(I could really go for one of these cupcakes right NOW.)
I found a post
on "Beedeebabee's" Blog of beautiful items
she received
from a friend in Germany.
Her friends name is Jeany at "Jeanysbrunnen" and she is very creative.
Jeany had a post about a special event that is taking place,
in "Blogland" called One World One Heart.
All you have to do is give away free, one special item
to anyone who posts on your blog.
The event will be from January 30th thru February 17th.
My give away is a sweet little
felted heart pin.
All you have to do is post about this give away on your blog
and then let me know you are interested
by leaving a comment on this blog.
The Winner, on my blog will be
selected on February 17th.
Let me know if you would like a
red heart pin with white flowers
a white heart pin with pink flowers.
You can see this sweet pin featured in my Etsy Shoppe, at
Check back to see who participates
and make sure you spread the word.
Give Aways are so much fun!

"The more credit you give away, the more will come back to you.
The more you help others,
the more they will want to help you."
~Brian Tracy~

"What you keep to yourself you loose,
what you give away
you keep forever."


AngieK said...

I would love to win that gorgeous pin! Too sweet! I love it!

Beedeebabee said...

OMG Lilly, each time I visit here I think I've died and gone to food heaven!...and, not only can you cook up a storm and entice us all with your beautiful, mouth watering photos and recipes...but you're a really talented stitcher as well!...Your heart pins are so darn adorable, (and so is everything else in your Etsy shop!)...What a great giveaway!...AND, I'm still loving every bit of snow out there...and the icicles too! I'm a winter girl all the way!...Feel free to send me your share of the snow when you get tired of it! ;) Have a great weekend, Lilly!...OMG, I almost forgot to thank you for mentioning me. You're SUCH a sweetie! xo Paulette :D

EFT Manual said...

Your giveaway certainly looks lovely and cute!

The Fajdich Times said...

I would love to win the red heart. They both are so cute! Happy Valentine's Day:)

Janine said...

Hi Lily, I was suprised to see this entrance, there was my name, hahaa, what a nice give away you have, thank you also for this nice comment. Best wishes from Janine


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