Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Deal of the Century!

98. While on vacation, I always like to stop in the outlet malls to shop in my favorite stores. Since we are not very close to any outlets, I took advantage of the opportunity. I was searching for a special gift for a dear friend, and just couldn't seem to find that perfect something, till I walked into a store called "Reed and Barton". Have you ever been in Reed and is a gift emporium! Wall to wall silver, china, porcelain, crystal and mirrors. I was overwhelmed with the amount of beautiful items...for any and all occasions. The saleslady was wonderful and helped me find just the perfect gift I was looking for. As I walked to the cash register, standing in line, I glanced down to the left side of the counter. There was a great pair of stainless tongs for serving. They looked dressy...not like my everyday tongs. I picked them up and really liked how well they were made and that they had a weight to them. They were laying on top of a box.
The price tag on the box said $19.95. Hmmm, they are very nice, but I don't want to pay that for just a pair of tongs. So I placed them back on the box. With that, the saleslady asked if I was ready. I placed my gift on the counter and then she said, "I noticed you were looking at the stainless tongs. Aren't they wonderful?!! I bought one for each of my family for Christmas gifts." Ummm, Ok, that's so nice...(question to self...*smirk* "Why would you give your whole family a pair of tongs for Christmas?") Then she mentioned, "Did you notice, they are only $19.95! What a bargain...we haven't had a bargain in R & B like this in a long time!"

I'm sorry...*pause*... I just didn't get it! What is so fantastic about a $19.95 pair of stainless tongs. Ok, it is Reed and Barton, and they are very nice...but????? So I said, "Oh, yes, I did see them and they are nice, but I don't need tongs that bad." She stopped everything she was doing and looked me in the eye and said, "Not just the tongs, the whole box!" I didn't understand what she meant, and she realized that...she said again, "The whole box, all 13 pieces!"

"What?" I needed someone to bang me on the head with a frying pan...13 pieces, what 13 pieces? What a very patient woman she was...she picked up the box and removed the tongs, then pulled aside the packaging bubble wrap and voilá, there was more than just tongs...!
There were 2 serving spoons slotted and whole, one sauce spoon, gravy ladle, meat fork, spaghetti server, pie server, square cake server, salad fork and spoon, an awesome meat carver and meat carving fork...and serving tongs!!!! All for only $19.95!!!! I think my eyes grew to the size of dessert plates! The saleslady started to laugh and said..."yep, I bought one box for each of my family for shopping is done for the year!

Now this was worth more than $19.95! They are beautiful and very dressy for the dinner table. I had been searching for a salad fork and spoon set for some time and just hadn't found the right ones. These were perfect! The quality is fantastic, the weight of the stainless is just right and they add a new aesthetic to every meal!
So, there you have deal of the century! Are you smiling along with me? =-)

Shopping is a woman thing.
It's a contact sport like football.
Women enjoy the scrimmage, the noisy crowds,
the danger of being trampled to death, and the ecstasy of the purchase.
~Erma Bombeck


Cass @ That Old House said...

You are a shopping goddess, even if the lady almost had to bong you on the head to get you to realize the Deal OF The Century!

Lovely stuff -- I'm going to seek an R&B outlet near me!

bj said...

Not only am I smiling with you, Lilly, I laughed out loud when you said you needed to be hit on the head with a frying pan! You are so cute!!
Now, I would dearly LOVE to find that $19.95 box!! What a great deal!! You did really good!!

Now, if you find a MAPLE WALNUT FUDGE recipe, you are going to make me sing and dance all over the place. The cousins we were vacationing with loved that fudge, just as much as I did. If I could come up with a recipe, they would love me forever and ever!!
SOOO, get to lookin' !!

Tanya said...

That is a great deal! How wonderful to use all of the pieces through the holidays and they aren't the cheapy stuff that only last a short time. Good shopping!

Kathleen said...

Yes, I am smiling, and green with envy!
Did I miss where the Reed and Barton outlet was? It must be far away if I haven't been there!! :)

What a great deal..I would have had to have bought at least 2 !

Danny wasn't too bad here, not the wind like I feared..
Have a great Sunday, Lilly!


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