Friday, June 19, 2009

Grimaldi's Pizzeria

86.  Today is my beautiful daughter's 22nd Birthday.  So we celebrated by going to a delicious pizza restaurant, "Grimaldi's Pizzeria".  The original restaurant is in Brooklyn. But we went to  Grimaldi's in Garden City, NY My daughter told me it was like no other pizza I've ever had.  She was so right!   The crust is so thin but so tasty and the sauce is bright with garlic and slightly sweet.
We first enjoyed an appetizer of Spinach Artichoke Dip with Chips.  It was hot and cheesy.
Then we ordered our pizza, half eggplant, half pesto sauce, and one personal plain cheese pizza for Maggie. While we munched on our chips and yummy dip, our pizza arrived!  We were surprise at how quickly it came...and we dug in right away!  Wow!  It was delicious!   But as we were munching we realized, there is more than just pesto and eggplant, there was mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes and so much cheese with whole basil.
Our waitress came over to our table and said, "I am so sorry, we brought you the wrong pizza...this pizza was for another table."  And then we all commented..."We were wondering why there were so many more toppings."  Then the waitress went to grab the tray and her boss called her back to the side.  She came back to our table and said, "We made a mistake and we apologize,  your pizza is on its way and you can keep the wrong pizza too."  And then she leaned in close and said, "you guys don't realize all the extra toppings that are on this pizza!"  We then received the pizza we much pizza!  But it was so wonderful!  And the best part, they didn't charge us for the mistake!  I told Emily it was because it was her Birthday!  Thanks Grimaldi's!  If you are ever in Brooklyn, by the bridge, look for Grimaldi' will experience a fantastic pizza!
'Tis not the meat, 
but 'tis the appetite makes eating a delight. 
 ~John Suckling


Anonymous said...

I lived in Brooklyn many years ago, in fact, my Daughter was born there. We now live in Pennsylvania and my daughter is 37.
She would love to go back to Brooklyn just to see where she was born but so far we haven't made it. If we ever do get there, I will try to remember this pizzeria.

Really Rainey said...

That's one good looking meal! Made me hungry!

Esther said...

I sure hope to visit that pizzeria when we come to visit you - can hardly wait! Ummmm, looks so good!!

darnold23 said...

The last time we were in NYC we walked across the bridge to Grimaldi's! It is such good pizza that the walk going over was worth it, and we definitely needed the walk going back! My daughter's name is Emily as well. It was not a such a popular name 36 years ago, but I have always loved it. Happy birthday to your Emily.

Esther said...

Thank you for taking me & K to Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, and I agree the pizza is yummy and the best I have ever tasted! Sure could go for some now.

Kathleen said...

My son lives in Garden City...I will have to give this place a try..
I am reading all your old posts..I think I was here once, maybe?


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