Sunday, December 25, 2016

Rösti Shredded Potato Casserole

322.  Christmas morning brunch featured a delicious potato & egg casserole called Rösti.  The recipe is from Switzerland and you can find the recipe here:
I 've made the recipe several times and found that shredding the potato raw and baking everything accept the egg is easier for me.  Once the potatoes are tender I made an indentation with a large spoon and dropped an egg in each indent placing it back into the oven for a few minutes till eggs are as desired.  The eggs will continue to cook once removed from the oven so keep that in mind if you want them softer.  I paired this dish with fresh fruit, cinnamon rolls and bacon.
 Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Enjoy your family and friends and don't forget to hug the ones you love.

"Christmas, my child, is love in action.
Every time we love, every time we give,
it's Christmas."
-Dale Evans

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