Friday, June 27, 2014

Cranberry Orange Scones

301.  Hot steam floating upwards from a freshly baked scone.  Filled with red cranberries and flecks of orange zest laced throughout each pillow.  A recipe that comes out perfect every time...that is what this Cranberry Orange Scone recipe is all about!
 The ingredients are simple and your process must be simple as well.  A light hand makes a great scone.
 You can find the recipe at Taste of Home here:   Cranberry Orange Scones
 Print Recipe Card Here
 Light crumbly texture is what you are looking for.
 When the dough pulls together you can feel this recipe working for you.
 I press out the dough by hand and form it into a square or circle.  Today I used my Pampered Chef Crinkle Cutter  to create a beautiful edge.
 I cut them in smaller portions for a Ladies Afternoon Tea.
 This recipe will make 8-10 large scones or 14-16 smaller scones.
 Line the baking sheet with parchment then brush with heavy cream.
 You will see the scones double in size and the texture, once baked is flakey, light and moist.
 No need for butter or jam, these scones are delicious right out of the oven.
"I worship scones and danishes.  If I never had another meal I wouldn't care as long as I could eat pastries and jelly donuts."
~Gene Simmons

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