Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Empanadas Galore!

272.  Empanadas!!!  The word evokes happy thoughts!!!
Recently, a group of my friends got together to make empanadas.  It was for a fund raiser.  Everyone took orders from friends and family and we set to work.  
We counted out all the orders and came to realize, we needed to make over 1000!!!  in one day!!!!
 We started at 9:00a.m. and had such a great time visiting, talking and yes...eating empanadas.
 We made three huge batches of beef filling with great spices.  It was easier for us to use pre-made empanada dough rounds.
 We also made two huge batches of chicken filling along with mixed cheese filling.
 Half way through the day, our hosts served us a beautiful meal of roast pork "Pernil" and fantastic rice and pigeon peas,  "Arroz Con Gandules" and a beautiful salad.
 Along with that...a steady flow of espresso (as you can see my little cup in this picture), to keep us going!
This was quite the experience and so enjoyable.  By 11:00p.m. we finally finished and were all throughly exhausted, but so happy to work together.  Our hosts were amazing!!!!
These empanadas we fried in hot oil.  What tasty little things they are.  I officially know all about empanadas now...but realized that day...I do not want to work in an empanada factory, I'll stick with my day job!!!

"Have a Great Empanada Day!"
~The Empanada Chef

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