Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sorrento's Pizza

225. If you live anywhere near Long Beach, NY you have to try Sorrento's pizza! It is a small family owned Italian Deli and Pizzaria. Located at 255 West Park Avenue, this local shop has an old world feel. The moment you step in the front door you are greeted with a wonderful aroma of cheese, and meats and fresh baked pizza from their stone oven.
Neon signs in the front window welcome you to enjoy espresso and "fresh" meats.
You can eat al fresco outside or pull up a chair at a table inside. It's enjoyable to take in the sites of all the imported products lined around the shop and watch the locals stop in for their daily needs. The friendly butchers behind the counter are more than happy to share a sample or answer any questions you may have.
This shop was originally a butcher shop and the perfect place to purchase a variety of Italian specialties, pastas, oils, cheeses and other choice selections of prepared foods. Several years ago Sorrento's expanded and installed a brick/stone oven and bakery items.
Our pizza of choice was a "small" with riccotta. And this is what was brought to our table!
It was served on a long wooden paddle and cut by the baker right at the table.

The mozzarella is freshly made every morning and has such a wonderful flavor. And the sauce is fresh plum tomato marinara. To finish the layers of flavor, parmesan is grated over all and fresh basil leaves.
The crust is perfect, crispy, thin and very flavorful. And while you indulge, an Italian and American flag flutter in the beach air.
You will also be given "real" plates instead of paper plates and plastic utensils. The restaurant staff was pleasant, friendly and very eager to serve. The "small" can serve 4 people, although they say it is for 2. And the price was only $10.00 with an additional cost for each topping.
Now this is a reason to drive to Long Island...and Long Beach for this Italian treasure.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."
~Leonardo da Vinci

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Cass @ That Old House said...

Wow! Long Beach is looking a whole lot better than it was 30 years ago, which I think is the last time I was there.

I always loved it, but it was pretty run down -- which was very sad because of its absolutely gorgeous beachfront. Glad to see it looking good.

And speaking of looking good, that pizza looks AMAZING.
(Now in NJ, raised on the Island)


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