Thursday, October 27, 2011

Central Market Lancaster, Pennsylvania

238. The town of Lancaster, Pennsylvania is so diverse and filled with surprises around every corner. I have visited this quaint town many times in my life but have always stayed on the outskirts of the city proper. While attending a conference, held at the Marriott in the center of the business district of Lancaster, I discovered a whole new world. The layout of the city streets reminisce back to the late 17oo's when the Old City Hall was built and the Central Market was constructed in the center of town.

There is a resurgence taking place in these old buildings and around the neighborhood. Young artists and entrepreneurs are moving into town, refurbishing these old buildings and opening their doors to sell all sorts of delights. The Central Market is opened on Thursday's and Saturday's for several hours. Just visiting the building is delightful. We strolled through the venders stalls and enjoyed tasting and shopping.
At the PA Fudge Company the Cappuccino Fudge was unlike anything I've ever was heavenly!
There were farmers who brought their produce and such a wonderful variety.
I just wish I could have stocked up...the prices were so reasonable!
The atmosphere in the Central Market is so inviting. A touch of old world with new discoveries down each aisle.
We sampled homemade cider, spring rolls from a Thai vendor and Italian cheese from a notable Italian shop. Their Wedding Soup was perfect!
The variety of international shops was surprising: Pakistani, Greek, Italian, Irish, German, to name a few.
And, Amish vendors with their wonderful baked goods, whoopie pies and canned fruits.
This was a perfect place to spend our lunch hour.
My favorite vendor was The Herb Shop. The shopkeeper was a pleasant man with thick glasses. He was surrounded by apothecary jars and mason jars filled with all types of herbs for cooking and supplemental for your diet. I was so excited to see he sold all types of salts and "Fleur Del Sal", which I have been hunting for. The price was fantastic!
I used it on my roasted Pumpkin Seeds just the other day.
If you are heading to Lancaster, Pennsylvania any time soon, take one day and visit the town center at Penn Square. It is delightful! Pick up a visitors map. They also have "Downtown Dollars" you can use at all participating shops and stores. Go explore, you'll thank me!

"Nowhere in this country, from sea to sea, does nature comfort us with such assurance of plenty, such rich and tranquil beauty as in those unsung, unpainted hills of Pennsylvania."
~ Rebecca Harding Davis

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