Thursday, October 22, 2009

Polish Food Series "Kawa"

112. Before my trip to Poland, I took time visiting sites on line, talking to those who had visited the country previously and checking out books in our local library. While trying to familiarize myself with what to expect, I heard that the Poles don't drink coffee. "What!!! Who doesn't drink COFFEE!!!!" Now, if you don't know me very well, you wouldn't know about my sincere love for the dark, aromatic, soothing beverage called coffee...or in Polish "Kawa".

While packing for my trip, I made sure to pick up coffee bags, Senseo pods, which when dropped in hot water, have the same effect as a tea bag, delivering the coffee flavor without a coffee pot, grounds or even electric. I was confident that these little coffee pods would be my close friends throughout the trip. To think of going through a whole day without coffee...yes, it could be done, but it would make me crazy! The only time I recall fasting coffee was when I was expecting both my girls...and that was not the situation at hand!

The hotel we stayed in provided breakfast each morning. The first morning we
made our way to the restaurant buffet and there...bigger than life...was "Kawa" a huge
urn!!! Now, whether this is a standard provision or if they provided coffee for the "Americanskis"...this started my day out just great! And the coffee was good!
That same day we toured the Old Town of Warsaw. It began to rain so we
ducked into a patio area outside a cafe. The umbrellas were huge but when the rain started to pour down we went inside.
The furniture was old and each piece was different.
Some tables had beautiful crochet tablecloths. The table we chose had a beautiful marble top.
We sat down and then realized, this was a Kawa Shoppe!
Of course, we ordered beautiful coffee and desserts. We learned that some Poles entertain a Tea/Coffee break each day about 3pm or so because their dinner meal is later in the day around 8pm.
The coffee is more traditional to espresso than brewed coffee in a drip pot. This made me even happier!!!
We sat and sipped on our coffee (and tea) while enjoying a Polish dessert.
When the rain cleared we headed back out into the Old City of Warsaw. We were told that there is only one Starbucks in all of Poland and it is in Warsaw. There is another coffee shop that is considered "American" and it is CoffeeHeaven. We saw several of these shops around the city and in the airport.
While traveling from Warsaw to Zamość we stopped off in a roadside gas station. It was like stepping into a BP in America. I needed a coffee so I went to the counter and ordered Kawa. (Ordering Coffee in Polish) "Prosź kaẃ". When I received my cup it was only filled 1/4 full with...espresso!!!! I am really starting to get use to this. The coffee was strong and freshly made.
In our Motel in Zamość the restaurant used hot water and instant coffee but it did the trick!
Nescafe is a popular brand in Poland.
Our last evening we took the bus downtown in Warsaw to the mall. My daughter and I really needed a cup of coffee so we saw this great little cafe. We ordered "kawa" and "latte" with a piece of Charlotka...which is an Apple Cake.
My daughter said that her latte was THE BEST she has ever had!
Before we flew out of Poland, we spent several hours with a dear sweet Polish friend. He was a wonderful interpreter. We walked through the gardens of an estate which was the home of one of the Polish royal families. As the time rolled by we realized we would have to make our way back to our Hotel. Then we smelled was so deliciously smelling. I said we had to have one more cup of kawa and a Gofry before we ended this wonderful experience.
I am so glad we did. Kawa jest "delicious" w Posce!

Coffee can be found in Poland...Excellent Kawa!!! And by the way, I didn't open the Senseo pack of coffee pods...I didn't need to!

"The morning cup of coffee has an exhilaration about it which the cheering influence of the afternoon or evening cup of tea cannot be expected to reproduce. "
~Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., "Over the Teacups," 1891

"Coffee smells like freshly ground heaven. "
~Jessi Lane Adams


NM said...

Am so glad to know that when I do make it to Poland that I will be able to drink all that yummy (Italian?) coffee! How good does the pie look! YUM.
Bets wishes, NM.

vanessa said...

hi lilly. thank you for leaving such a kind comment on my blog. it's been fun looking over yours. just the thought of having to go without coffee, for even a day, makes me shudder! your trip sounds like so much fun. and i too am glad to know that there is coffee in poland!

fearlesschef said...

And today I give out awards... one to you!

Cass @ That Old House said...

Well thank goodness there is coffee in Poland -- now it can go back on my list of places I can visit. :-)

On my first trip to Germany in 1978, I actually packed toilet paper and instant coffee on the advice of my parents --who had not been there for 10 years. Never needed it. Finally tossed the TP as I was embarrassed to have it in the luggage! Travel is indeed educational! And also ... delicious.



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