Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Carolina Hash

304.  There is nothing like a lazy afternoon in South Carolina.  The crickets singing, light breeze rustling the trees and barbecue on the menu.
 Our ventures took us south to "The Low Lands" which the locals affectionately call South Carolina. We loved the laid back atmosphere and lazy "drawl".  The roadside antique vendor mentioned "Y'all must not be from around these parts."  Our accents gave us away.  We enjoyed the rest and relaxation, not to mention all the good food!
A great restaurant was  The Pompous Pig in Anderson, SC. We saw on the chalk board a special of Carolina Hash.  Ordered with curiosity, we didn't want a tasteful opportunity to pass by.
We learned that most people "up north" have never heard of hash.  And that this particular hash was developed as a "stick to your ribs" kind of meal to keep farmers full, satisfied and nourished.  I researched Carolina Hash and found quite an interesting array of recipes.  You can find a few here on the Taste Of Home Community Forum.
 I must say this was the best surprise.  The Carolina Hash was so memorably delicious...with every bite you could taste new surprises and flavors.  I would have been satisfied to walk out right then and there.
It was served in a bowl and topped with white rice, a dollop of sour cream and sprinkled with cheddar cheese.  There were bits of pork, chicken, potatoes and tomatoes. It was like heaven in your mouth!
We also ordered other items...but the Carolina Hash stole the blue ribbon!

Our other choices were Brunswick Stew, very delicious!

BBQ Ribs with sides of Potato Salad, Baked Beans and
 I kid you not!  It was perfect...no butter or honey needed.  It was tender, perfectly sweet/salty and was not grainy.  I would pay for their recipe!
The BBQ Sauce on the tables was so good with a Tomato BBQ, Mustard BBQ, Bourbon BBQ and a sumptuous Vinegar Aju, which was my personal favorite!
Pulled Pork with Mashed Potato Bake and Fried Okra with Cole Slaw.  All served in a red basket lined with checkered paper.  A roll of paper towels on each table and sweet southern waitresses asking "How's your meal?  Everythin' alright?"
If you are ever in South Carolina, you have to eat at The Pompous Pig!  Very memorable eating experience.  I would drive all night for Carolina Hash and Cornbread!

"A Southern Lady - Someone who...has a pitcher of sweet tea at the ready.  Guards her recipe for Pimento Cheese.  Always writes a Thank-You Note.  Has monogrammed guest towels.  Bakes pies for her neighbors.  Knows pearls match everything.  Thinks smocked dresses and hair bows are simply darlin'.  Arranges hydrangea from her garden. Is always blessin' someone's heart."
~ Anonymous Southerner 


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